How To Become A Paramedic In Iowa

How To Become A Paramedic In Iowa

Levels of EMT

Emergency Medical Technician – Basic (EMT-B)
Emergency Medical Technician – Intermediate/85 (EMT-I/85)
Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic (Intermediate/99) (EMT-I/99)
Paramedic Specialist (PS)
Critical Care Paramedic (CCP)

National Registry State

Required to take both state and NREMT exams


  • At least 17 years old at time of course enrolment
  • Be mentally and physically capable of performing the essential duties of an EMT
  • Be proficient in speaking, reading, and writing the English language
  • Hold a current CPR course completion card at the American Heart Association ‘Healthcare Provider’ level or the American Red Cross ‘CPR for the Professional Rescuer’ level
  • EMT-I/85 and higher: Must have a high school diploma or GED

Length of License

2 years

License Maintenance Requirements

Current NREMT certification or continuing education as listed below:

EMT-B: 24 hours of approved continuing education
EMT-I/85: 36 hours of approved continuing education
EMT-I/99: 36 hours of approved continuing education
EMT-P: 48 hours of approved continuing education
PS: 60 hours of approved continuing education
CCP: 8 hours of continuing education based on the CCP core curriculum during PS certification period

Continuing Education Requirements by Level

Total Hours:
EMT-B: 24 hours
EMT-I/85: 36 hours
EMT-I/99: 36 hours
EMT-P: 48 hours
PS: 60 hours
CCP: 60 hours

Regulating State Agency

Iowa Department of Public Health Bureau of EMS
321 E. 12th Street
Des Monies, Iowa 50319
Phone: 1(800)728-3367

Scope of Practice

Scope of practice is defined by the Iowa Bureau of EMS. It differs from the national standard in the following ways:
EMT-B: can administer Epi-pen per protocol, insert Combi-Tube, set up and maintain non-medicated IVs
EMT-I/85/99: establish IV
EMT-P: ET tubes, needle decompression, manual defibrillation, administer medication
PS: NREMT paramedic

Special Certifications

Critical Care Paramedic (CCP): individuals who hold a valid Iowa paramedic specialist certification and have completed an Iowa approved Critical Care Paramedic Program. CCPs may perform extra skills during intra-facility critical care transport. Extra skills unique to CCP include: BiPAP, Chest tube placement – assist mode only, Chest tube – monitoring and management, Cricothyroidotomy – surgical, Intubation – digital, Intubation – retrograde, Ventilators, automated – enhanced assessment and management, Internal cardiac pacing – monitoring only, Arterial line – monitoring and access only, Central line – monitoring and access only, Arterial blood sampling at radial site – obtaining, Haemodynamic monitoring, ICP monitoring


If you do not currently hold NREMT certification, you must submit verification of status in addition to completing an Iowa approved practical and written examination.


License fee: $50 payable to the Iowa Department of Public Health
Renewal fees:
• EMT-B: $0
• EMT-I: $10
• EMT-P: $25
• PS: $25

Accredited Schools for 2013

  1. Kirkwood Community College – Cedar Rapids, IA
  2. Mercy College of Health Sciences – Des Moines, IA
  3. University of Iowa Health Care – Iowa City, IA
  4. Western Iowa Tech Community College – Sioux City, IA

As of 08/09/2011

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  1. Jimmy says:

    I was just curious if any one had information on my somewhat unique situation….I am very interested in EMS practice and on the verge of taking the required steps to begin but i have a felony conviction that was defered. Am i still eligable to do this….I know the regulations probably change per state. I live in IOWA but im just looking for a general idea of what some one with eperience might have to say.